granite countertop finish

Granite Countertop Finish

A stone's aesthetic perception can significantly be influenced by its surface treatment. In addition to altering its color and pattern, a finish also alters the physical properties and the performance of the stone.

It is always recommended that you see the actual stone before making the decision to use a special finish on your countertop.

Black Absolute - Polished

Polished Finish

The majority of granites are polished giving a shiny mirror-like finish that intensifies the color and enhances the pattern of the stone. Polishing reduces the porosity of the granite thereby increasing its resistance to humidity and chemical substances commonly found in the kitchen.

Black Absolute - Honed

Honed Finish

A few granites are available in a honed finish producing a smooth, non-reflective surface. This finish creates a more porous surface and should not be considered for a countertop that will be getting heavy use.

Black Absolute - brushed

Brushed Finish

The brushed finish gives a textured satin smooth look.

Black Absolute - Flamed

Flamed Finish

A flamed finish creates an irregular but smooth edged surface producing a less intense stone.

We offer granites in different finishes:

Granites in Honed Finish Granites in Brushed Finish Granites in Flamed Finish Granites in Leathered Finish

Black Absolute
Kashmir Gold
Summer Yellow
Andes Black
Anthracite Black
Bianco Rafael
Black Impala
Green Soapstone
Jet Mist
San Benedito

Black Absolute
Black Pearl
Castkill Green
Cranberry Brown
Juparana Gold
Kashmir Gold
Summer Yellow
Toasted Almond

Black Absolute
Baltic Brown
Indian Dakota
Black Pearl
Dakotah Mahogany
Giallo Fiorito
New Imperial Reo
Rosa Monark
Rosa Nule
Rosa Porrino
Verde Bahia
Verde Mare
Jet Mist

Black Absolute
Black Spice
Castkill Green
Golden River
Imperial Brown
Millenium Cream

Granite Vanitytops specicals
Granite Table tops specicals
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